Recruitment for Rawa Blues Festival

Irek Dudek and the Arts Council of the Rawa Blues Festival have announced the beginning of the recruitment for bands interested in performing at this year edition of the event. As every year, the artists to perform on the stage will be selected through a competition.

The bands interested in participating in the Festival can submit an application online on

Terms & conditions

  1. Only applications submitted by an authorised band representatives are accepted.
  2. The organizer provides the bands qualified for performing at the Festival with hotel accommodation and reimbursement of the ground travel costs.
  3. In the process of rehearsals three tracks of the submitted application are played (first three tracks if not specified otherwise).
  4. The recruitment shall be carried out by Arts Council of the Rawa Blues Festival, which is composed of distinguished music journalists.
  5. The deadline for submitting the applications is April 15th.