Restless is a British rockabilly band, founded in 1978. The group took its name from a song by Carl Perkins. The band played its first gig in Sudbury in 1980. Their first album, Why Don't You… Just Rock!, was released by Nervous Records in 1982. With 43 officially released albums, thousands of concerts worldwide, and 100,000 records sold, the Restless Rock and Roll Train shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

After three years of quarantine, with a new sense of purpose and enthusiasm, Restless is returning to festivals all over Europe, performing amazing sets of finely-tuned Neo-Rockabilly for enthusiastic fans.

In their original lineup, the acclaimed and highly influential Neo-Rockabilly pioneers have reached a new peak with their latest performances.

"The fact is, few bands come close to Restless in terms of raw skills and the ability to combine talent with true passion." - NICK KEMP (British Rock and Roll magazine)