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JJ Grey & Mofro - Rawa Blues Festival 2016

Eden Brent

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The pianist and the vocalist, Blues Music Award winner, compared to Bessie Smith, Diana Krall and Aretha Franklin. Her names is Brent, Eden Brent.
Her family is really into music. Her first music teacher was the grandpa. - I always loved to play, but I hated to read and I really hated practice, that is, until I started fiddling with jazz and blues and boogie – says Brent.
In 2006 Eden Brent won International Blues Challenge contest.
Her discography includes four solo albums: „Something Cool”, „Mississippi Number One”, „Ain't Got No Troubles” and „Jigsaw Heart”. In 2012 she released the CD together with her sister Jessica and Bronwynne, where we can find tunes written by their mother Carol.